This is a small excerpt (page 193) from the book ‘Trendsociology v. 2.0’, published by pej gruppen. Buy the book here.

“There is so much trend information out there, but it is not always clear what to do with it. People want help to pick out the parts that are most relevant to them, to aid them in product development or in marketing,” Alison Hughes, Carlin

Trend sociologists work to decode, analyze and translate trends into practical advice and guidance. What can a trend expert help you with?

  • Offer alternative thinking and methods.
  • Give a unique perspective on the near future.
  • Connect the dots and see the correlations.
  • Give specific suggestions for change.
  • Identify competitive advantages.
  • Ensure a high degree of success.

The ultimate goal is to ensure the launch of a viable product or service, to ensure that marketing and communication contain the right messages and that both the right media and sales channels are chosen to ensure a successful launch.

Interested in getting your hands on the entire book, (it’s 400 pages), it is possible to buy here.

The book consists of three parts:
Theory and practical description of what a trend is, how it is spread and what effect it may have.
Interview with 17 of the world’s top trend researchers
Practical process description (5 phased process) with concrete methods and tools for working with trends.